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Camera Love

It looks like a fun tradition is emerging for me. Around April time last year, I put on my bravest face and had a fun boudoir photo shoot with masque photography and blogged all about it.

A few months ago, I did something similar. I’ve been pole dancing for about a year now, through the pole fitness society at university, and it has been amazing. It is addictive, challenging and super fun. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive during and after classes. I love it so much that I have even joined the committee for next year.
Back in April (again) the famous photographer Adam Jay came to the studio for two days. Adam has photographed lots of polers as well as professional cos-players, as well as having been a pole instructor a few years ago. With all that experience, there was definitely no need to be scared. Check out his Facebook page here.

I signed up for a session with my friend Emily. We each got 15 minutes in front of the camera to show off our best moves and strut our stuff. I was amazed at how far Emily had progressed in only a few months of pole. She has definitely inspired me to work harder inside and out of the studio.

I’d spent a few weeks scrolling Pinterest for ideas of outfits, positions as well as practising moves during class to make sure I could hold them and smile comfortably.Β After a few test shots, and touch ups of make up, it was time to get snapping. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The extra lighting made the studio warm and nerves made me a bit sweatier than normal however I loved it. I made sure that one of the last things I did were anything involving me going upside down just in case my PoTS decided to play up.






When I got to the see the pictures I was so so happy and proud of myself for doing it. It is a great way to document progress and celebrate what your body can do.
I’ll definitely be signing up for a session next year, (if not earlier).

Peace and love,


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