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My slightly impossible potsie wishlist

Hi everyone!
Things have started to get better  (thank goodness). I managed a whole day out and about in town, I walked approximately 6 miles and I could count the number if dizzy spells I had on one hand! I was however completely destroyed the day after and spent most of the day on the sofa, with a hot water bottle, Netflix and pain killers. I always try to do at least one job/chore on a bad day, just so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something, even if that was just getting dressed.
I’ve started a list in my head of things that I think have helped or would help me, (and any other spoonies) on bad days.

• Dry Shampoo

Oh my days! I’m still not sure I know how to use dry shampoo correctly but this would be a life/arm saver. I can no longer stand having showers so I often have a mini bath or sit down with the shower on over me. I find it difficult to keep my arms up fo so long to shampoo and condition my hair. On some days just bathing feels like climbing mount Everest, even if I’m not planning on going anywhere, at least my hair can look nice.

•Cooling Gel pillow

I have seen these advertised on Groupon and they look kind of cool. The idea is that the gel on the pillow, stays relatively cool during the night helping the sleeper, well stay cool while they sleep. I struggle keeping myself at the right temperature normally, but it has gotten worse at night due to my medication. I often have a got water bottle but it would be great to then have something that did the opposite.

• Braid machine

Cue the horrific flash backs to the late 90’s, young girls getting their hair entangled and torn from their scalps, all because of these machines. So… maybe not.
I mostly wear my hair in a semi french braid. It’s easy to do, keeps it looking tidy and if I need to add some glam, I can always un-braid and my hair looks lovely and wavy. The one issue I have sometimes is similar to when I’m washing my hair is that my arms get so tired so quickly and it can often make me feel dizzy.

• A weightless water bottle

One of the first things you’re told as a potsie patient is to increase your fluids ASAP. Drinking lots of water has so many other benefits this doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. However, in case you didn’t know water is heavy! Decent water bottles can be heavy too. Constantly having to carry a 700ml water bottle around can take its toll on not only your shoulder but you handbag too. You could always carry a smaller bottle, but then you need to be prepared to search for somewhere to fill it up. It’d just be great if water could weigh less.
(Ps. I have no idea what Heavy Water is.)

• Pop up wheelchair

Unlike some potsie patients, I am not wheel chair bound, I do not need regular mobility assistance. But on some days, things are just bad. Quite a few large shops have wheelchairs that you can borrow while you’re in the store, for example sainsburys and ikea, which I’ve used and it has been great. There are times though when I wish I could accio a wheelchair to me while I’m on my way to the doctors or just wandering around town, or pull a pop up chair out of my bag, similar to the cheap pop up tents you could get at Argos where you just unclip, throw, and bang, a tent.

What do you think?


* After reading this back through, I noticed how the silliness increased as well as the rambling. This post is definitely just a random stream of consciousness. Sorry about that :p


2 thoughts on “My slightly impossible potsie wishlist

  1. Heavy water has more deuterium (heavy hydrogen) in than normal water does. It’s fairly easy to find (nuclear power stations are a good place), but you don’t really want to be carrying it around with you 😛

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