Symptoms of PoTS

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Now, like I mentioned before, every Potsie is different but there are common symptoms that we can relate to. Some we experience every time we have an attack/episode other’s are just on occasion.


Dizziness or light-headedness or presyncope (almost fainting) – These symptoms usually occur when standing up, but can occur with prolonged sitting. Syncope (fainting or blackouts) – Approximately 30 % of people with PoTS experience syncope. Tiredness or weakness – These are common symptoms of PoTS and can last for a considerable time after a bout of symptoms of PoTS. Brain fog – People with PoTS often complain of ‘brain fog’ which is difficulty in thinking or concentrating. Palpitations are a sensation of your heart pounding in your chest. Shakiness Shortness of breath – Patients can feel breathless when standing up or with slight exertion. Chest pain Excessive or reduced sweating Nausea Headaches – These can be orthostatic headaches which means they occur as a result of being upright and may be caused by reduced blood supply to the brain.  People with PoTS also commonly experience migraines and migraine-like headaches which are worse when the patient is upright. Visual problems – This can be described as excessive glare, blurred or tunnel vision.

These are the most common but there are other symptoms for PoTS too.

I am lucky. Some people pass out multiple times a day so they rely on a wheelchair to be able to go about their day, I can normally last about 2-3 days before I have an attack. At one point I could managed 2-3 weeks which was unbelievable, other times it’s been as bad as 2-3 hours. Even if I’m doing exactly the same thing I was doing during a good period, I can still have 2 or three attacks in a week. There isn’t a lot of continuity with my PoTS. I’ve found my condition to be very hit and miss, which makes everyday life difficult, but not impossible.

Peace and Love, Tyveloser

(*Information about PoTS was taken from POTS UK, please click for more information and support*)


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